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A movie I put together showing Unreal Tournament, then and now. If you've never played any of the previous PC Unreal Tournament games before 3, then watch and enjoy. And if you have, hopefully it'll be a quick but enjoyable trip down memory lane! This is not a 'skillz' video, seeing as I'm a mediocre player at best. Just a fun romp through the world of UT stretching from 19 to 2007!
Gameplay taken from the various Unreal Tournament games. Don't comment saying 'lol, u mised teh unreal championships' because you'll note the name there, unreal championship rather than tournament. Different series my friend although made by the same people, you know, like distant brothers or cousins. (Plus Console games are a downright bitch to try and record properly.)
You know, re-installing the original UT, I'm surprised by just how much fun it still is. Ugly as sin, but still fun! The matches are all against bots except for the UT3 matches, which I mostly recorded online. If you've seen me play online and thought I was doing terrible, now you know why. FRAPS really slows down UT3. Luckily I was still able to get the occasional burst of skill in there to not make myself look too terrible. I was getting slaughtered in that one match till I got a lucky break. (You can tell which by looking in the upper right corner, where right before I start a killing spree I'm at a glorious -1 points and in last place. We!)
All gameplay recorded using FRAPS and edited using the almighty king of glitchyness and bugs, Windows Movie Maker. Honestly, I need to quit being cheap and invest in some real movie editing software, you have no idea how many times WMM froze up on me or simply acted just downright wierd. Still, I'm happy with the results!
Slightly higher quality version:
Tags classic, movie, restrospective, tournament, unreal, ut2004, ut2k4, ut3, ut99

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