Phoebus, Ariel and Esmerelda - I give everything for you Video

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So my second crossover :) mayby you have seen in my other newest video that I have a few (alot) new effects. Thre in this video again (other new effects!!)I thinh this is better than my other one and I think this one has a better storyline.
Forgive me for my crappy english :)
Ariel and Phoebus are married they have a great live with eachother. But then Phoebus has to go with his ship. Ariel is pregnant and she get's a girl. You see Phoebus thinking of Ariel on the ship. When he is back he walks down the street and he's see a beautiful gypsy woman:Esmerelda. He want's to know who she is so he goes after her. They fall in love with eachother and spend a night together. The next morning he is disapeard when Esmerelda wake's up. She go to the church and ask herselfs if it was good what she did, because she didn't now this man, the only thing were she is sure about is that she want's to meet him again. Then we go back to Ariel still waiting for her husband to show ther lovely daughter Melody, she has received* a letter from him, he is coming back soon he says. When he is coming home she is making herself ready for their dinner together, she noticed something strange at him, He doesn't look her in the face. She feels uncomfortable when their eating Phoebus doesn't seem's feeling comfortable to. When Phoebus is looking into the fire he see's Esmerelda dancing. Then you see a Memory from Ariel when she see's Phoeubs and Esmerelda together. But she doesn't say anything because her daughter Melody. Then you see Ariel at the beach thinking of the whole situation. then you see Esmerelda thinking and then you see a confused Phoeubs thinking what he shall do. Then he see's Ariel and his daughter and he know what to do. He has to be cold to Esmerelda like he has no feelings to her. Esmerelda is mad at him and she run's away to the church.
*SPOILER* If you don't wanne know the ending don't read
She just run's you see clips of the happy lives from Phoebus, Ariel and Melody. Phoebus thinking this was the best that he could do. She run's and she slipped she falls and dies on the stairs before the church.
THE END I know a sad ending :( but I liked it
Noticed* I know from 3:21 and I'm sorry!:)
Videoclips:The little mermaid Beauty and the beast and the hunchback of the notre dam
Music: Elizabeth, Vanessa - White houses, We will go home from the movie King Arthur
Feel free to comment and rate :)
I made it with WMM
I do not own the music or the videoclips that are used in this clip
Tags ariel, crossover, dam, disney, esmerelda, hunchback, if, little, mermaid, notre, notre-dam, of, phoebus, the, what

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