Your World IS Changing. 3/51 Video

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The Government knows it.. NASA knows it.. but do YOU know?..
PLANET NIBIRU (Planet X) is coming our way! By July 2009 it will be visible as a faint reddish object and by 2012 it will be visible as a "second sun"..
So what does Nibiru do when it passes the Earth? What do YOU need to know about it? And more important, what can you do to survive?
Messages given to us by "Extraterrestrials" in the form of Crop Circles are telling us about this incoming Planet Nibiru and its current position in the Universe.
Why are we not warned by our Governments? How did the Sumerians know about Nibiru? Who are the "Annunaki?" Who are the "Nephilim?" Why is our global weather pattern changing so rapidly and drastically? Global warming? I don't think so..
Why are there increasing numbers of sightings of strange giant creatures surfacing on Earth?
Are we finding ourselves in the final stages of genetic experiments? By whom?
Why are there increasing numbers of sightings of UFO's?
Are we not only being watched for thousands of years? What agenda are we part of?
You may find most answers by simply watching all the video parts of: "Wake Up Now! Your World IS Changing.. rapidly!"
The term "Nibiru" comes from the Sumerian cuneiform tablets and writings dating back 5,0 years (older then any Religion). Nibiru means "Planet of the Crossing," and it's cuneiform sign was often a cross..
Zecharia Sitchin proposed the idea that billions of years ago our solar system once had twelve planets. Now with advancements in science, scientists have literally found the 12th planet and have also discovered some really disturbing things along with this discovery. This is what's meant to happen according to the Mayan and I-Ching predictions.. because time is a frequency which is being compressed..
More information at:
n Lungold Welcome To Evolution (2012 Mayan Calendar)
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