Anchorman Chemtrail Mind Control Video

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Contact this Brain-washed Weatherman here:
This video is extremely important in exposing these mind control nut jobs of the mainstream media. Here we have an Anchorman/Weather Man explaining in detail Chaff that is ejected from Military aircraft
This is a great cover for Chemtrails. Why is this Anchorman/Weather Man telling us about so called military Chaff/Chemtrails? Do we need anymore proof? Chaff is also toxic, it's a no win pollution situation!

I also have emailed Weather Modification, Inc. after seeing them on the Discovery Channel(Best Evidence - Chemical Contrails)
rattle on about weather modification as if it where as natural as salt on potatoes.
Contact them yourself and ask them; by what US law they fly these weather modification missions? I am still waiting for their response!
Tags alex, aluminium, barium, chemtrails, contrails, infowars, jones, modification, prisonplanet, weather

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