Fatal Frame IV: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse - Gameplay 1 Video

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This is some gameplay for Fatal Frame IV: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, a survival horror in silent hill style for Nintendo Wii,
the release date in Japan is July 31, the game is known in japan as 零~月蝕の仮面~, Zero ~Mask of the Lunar Eclipse~ Zero ~Tsukihami no Kamen
Its theme song, ゼロの調律 (Zero no Chouritsu) is by Tsukiko Amano and will be released on July 30th.
The player controls the character of either Ruka, Misaki, Madoka, or Choushiro, and uses the Camera Obscura to photograph and fight off ghosts. The player explores the various buildings present on Rougetsu Island. On the main screen there is a sensor bar that indicates if a ghost is present. When the sensor bar glows red, there is a hostile ghost nearby. If the sensor bar turns blue, there is a neutral or friendly ghost present, one that will not attack but can be captured with the camera. At any point in the game, the player can enter the first person camera mode in which ghosts can be defeated.
The creators have revealed that the Wii remote will be used to look around and to direct the flashlight using motion sensors, as well as bring up the menu and camera, while the Nunchuk is used to move the character around the screen.
10 years ago, five girls were captured and held hostage by a criminal in a mysterious house on Rougetsu Island. They were eventually rescued by Choushiro Kirishima, a detective pursuing the criminal. Several years after the incident, two of the girls (Marie Shinomiya and Tomoe Nanamura) died mysteriously. The three remaining girls, Misaki Asou, Ruka Minazuki, and Madoka Tsukimori, all now 17 years old, return to the island to recover their lost memories and find out more of what happened that day. Choushiro follows the girls at the request of Ruka's mother, Sayaka Minazuki.
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