GH3: Guitar Battle vs. Lou (PS2) Video

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"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" in a hard rock/metal form. Awesome. I apologize about the blurry quality and the shortness of the battle; extending battles is very difficult and risky to do without just plain losing. I wanted to show a video of victory.
FAQ Edit:
Q:What the heck is going on with the flippy crazy notes and stuff!?!
A: This is a new mode in Guitar Hero 3 called Battle Mode. Similar to the original versus mode, but instead of star power, you get power-ups which are used to mess with your opponent's fretboard and the ability to play the song. It is an ADDITIONAL mode in multiplayer. If you still want to play normally, that option is still there. This is just a little new extra thing. It's kinda fun, but a little too luck based I think.
I happen to be on the left, and once I drain all of his health, the song skips and loads into the final part. Had I not done that, I believe the game would have killed me automatically with a death drain thingy.
Q: Can this song be played outside of the career battle?
A: No, maybe, and Yes. On the PS2 version? Not really. On the Wii version? Maybe some day. On the 360 and PS3 version? Absolutely, provided you have your console hooked up to the internet and purchase the song through your respective service.
Q: Who's that robot thing?
A: It's a new exclusive character to the PS2 and Wii versions of GH3 called Metalhead. That is his default costume, I kinda prefer one of his alts, though.
Q:What happens once you beat him?
A: When you beat the game for the first time, after going past the screen that tells your performance and such, you're taken to a loading screen that says "Good Luck" and it informs you that you have unlocked "Through the Fire and Flames" and you play the song with no rock meter as the credits go by. Also, he is now unlocked as a character for purchase in the store. I believe he costs $15,0.
Extra comments: Yeah, it sucks that it's censored, but they need the T rating. You can use the old guitars, I used the original black SG that I got from the first Guitar Hero to play in this very video.
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