Pokemon Diamond / Pearl Walkthrough Elite Four Aaron Video

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No longer using parts for the walkthrough, isn't nesscary.
Aaron is the Master of Bug types and he did a good job raising them. I'll lay out his Pokemon here if your interested.
Elite Four Aaron $6840
Dustox Bug/Psn L53
Bug Buzz
Double Team
Light Screen
Vespiquen Bug/Fly L54
Attack Order
Defend Order
Heal Order
Power Gem
Heracross Bug/Ftg L54
Close Combat
Night Slash
Stone Edge
Beutifly Bug/ Fly L53
Energy Ball
Bug Buzz
Shadow Ball
Drapion Psn/Drk L57
Cross Poison
Ice Fang
Well, hope this helps and just so you know, the dramatic music and cool intro took me 4 hours to make so you better like it cause I wasted a lot of valuable time making it. The Music seemed so perfect and if your wondering where I got it, it was from Mario Galaxy for the Wii BUT THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO ASK ME IF I HAVE A WII!
Thank you and Enjoy
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