Super Mario Doom World [DEMON MOVIE] Video

Time9 min
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Doom mod:Mario Doom World
The stage of this video was made for myself.
I used "smdremix.wad"(wad title is "Super Mario Doom Remix") and "zbooldpak.wad" for this movie.
Green koopa trooper (Zombi man)
Red koopa trooper (Shotgun guy)
Blue koopa trooper (Heavy weapon dude)
Shy guy (Imp)
Yoshi (Demon,Specter)
Boo (Lost soul)
Lakitu (Cacodemon)
Toad (Hell knight)
Mario (Arachnotron)
Big boo (Pain elemental)
Luigi (Revenant)
Wario (Mancubus)
Donkey Kong (Spider master mind)
Koopa (Cyber demon)
peach (Commander Keen)
Zapper (Chain Gun)
Koopa shell Rifle (Plasma Rifle)
Wii remote controller (BFG90)
Please refer to the following if you want to obtain mario mod.
I put gratitude in these wads author
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