Super Mario Galaxy - Deep Dark Galaxy Out of Bounds Video

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How to get Out of Bounds (OoB) in Deep Dark Galaxy.
This video contains 2 different ways to get Out of Bounds in Deep Dark Galaxy.
The 1st way was found by Paraxade, and the 2nd way was found by MASTERLINKX.
Basically for Paraxade's way, you backflip Wall Jump onto the rocks, then spin jump up the rocks, once you make it to the top you'll fall through the rocks, once you go through the rock immediatly hold Up+Right on the Control Stick, just try to Fall as close to the level as possible. You'll eventually land in invisible water, and you can explore the whole level, just make sure not to fall off.
For MASTERLINKX's way, go in the Cannon, and hold Z and move the Wii Remote away from the Sensor Bar, this will make the Camera Zoom out and easier to see everything.
Aim for the 2 Spike Rocks, they are located near the Yellow Blocks.
Once you land there, go to the rock-hill thing that is shown in the video, then either Triple Jump or Backflip onto the rocks and just keep Spin Jumping sideways on the rocks, just don't get pushed out by the invisible wall, once you fall through just hold Right on the Control Stick until you land in the invisible water.
Have fun exploring!
*To be able to do a Spin Jump while sliding: Hold forward while sliding and quickly jump and then Shake your Wii Remote/Nunchuk and Mario/Luigi will spin, and hold the direction you wish to go in before the Spin Jump is completed. Just repeat this when you land back on the sliding surface of whatever you're on.
Basically, Forward, Jump, Spin, Tilt Direction you want to go, land and start to slide, Forward, Jump. ect.*
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