JS Homer-MUGEN #06: Peter Griffin (Aggressive AI) Video

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Time4 min
Views: 42367
ZOMG! My first new MUGEN video since mid-December 2007, when I started working on Super Mario Fusion!
MvC Peter Griffin gets a long-needed overhaul and finally has a custom AI, made by a team of Luwiigimaster, EvilSlayerX5, and markyjoe1990. This AI patch also works for the GBX edit of Peter Griffin, which uses trait identifiers.
Get the AI patch for MvC Peter Griffin from: and ndspace.com/file/mepxf4
Peter Griffin now has the ferocity of Wolverine 713. You might as well call him Peter 713!
He will tongue lash you from mid-range. Due to an error in the coding, it looks like Peter is wavedashing towards you when he's far away. He will always try to do his mule-kick launcher at close range. Once Peter gets you in an aerial rave, he WILL pull off an aerial Hyper combo if he has enough super bar. He will also cancel Supers if he has enough energy, dealing 50-60% damage.
An effective way to fight the new Peter is to be opportunistic. Take advantage of the fact that he is quite predictable. A character with good range can easily deal with Peter. Also, do not jump in on Peter, as he will do his anti-air "Kung Fu Knee" move.
This video is also a remake of my old popular first MUGEN video with Homer and Peter. That video, "JS Homer-MUGEN #37: Peter Griffin", may have had over one million views on my old account, but the actual fight was not too interesting, and the versions of Homer and Peter used were very outdated.
Stage BG: Midnight Zone by DynamoWolf
BGM: Arena (Dynasty Warriors 3)
Tags family, game, griffin, guy, homer, judgespear, mugen, peter, simpsons, video

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