Panic Attack GS - Rock Band 2 Expert Drums Video

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Panic Attack Gold Stars - 430k
Pretty Good run, only missed in 2 or 3 spots. Definitely will be going for this FC soon.
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someguy913ps on Xbox Live
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My Live Stream Feed: nfo on my Drum Setup:
1. Do you play real drums too?
Yes, I do. I've been playing drums for a little over 4 years now, focusing mainly on trap set, with some limited hand percussion experience as well. Before I learned to play real drums, though, I also played Drummania, a drum simulation game made by Konami and part of the Bemani family of music games. It really got me interested in drums, I highly recommend it if you can find a machine near you.
2. What do you use to play Rock Band? Is your kit modded or something?
Please see the link above entitled "Info on my Drum Setup".
3. How much did your setup cost?
The Roland TD-6 SX-T that I use goes for around $20 on Musician's Friend, probably cheaper if you look on ebay or Craig's List.
4. Wow, that's a lot of money. You really spent $2k just to play Rock Band?
Nope, I bought the Roland kit months before Rock Band came out to do some recording and session work. I also badly needed a quieter way to practice drums in my apartment; an acoustic kit with silencers just wasn't cutting it. It was just very good fortune that I already had the kit when people began discovering how to hook up MIDI kits to Rock Band.
5. Ok, but isn't that kind of cheating?
I suppose everyone will form their own opinions about this subject no matter what, but the official word right now is that it is not cheating. Posts on both ScoreHero and the Rock Band forums have been made about this mod, and both the ScoreHero mods, mods, and Harmonix staff have ruled that this type of kit does not invalidate competitive scores. They have, however, ruled that any sort of double-bass pedal mod would invalidate such scores. For the record, I use a DW50 single pedal.
6. What do you use to record your videos?
For the direct-capture I use an Adaptec Gamebridge. You can get them from for between $30-$50 USD. For the external view I use an older Sony Handycam. (It still records on Digital-8s.)
7. Why do you usually only hit the bass pedal during the Big Rock Ending? Doesn't that get you less points?
For an explanation of how the points gained from a BRE work, please see the description of my Run to the Hills Gold-star video here: rnately, search the Technique forums at for in-depth explanations of BREs for both guitar and drums.
8. Can I add you as a friend/play Band Quickplay/Score Duel/hang out with you?
I'd love to! Unfortunately, I'm just one guy who also has a job, girlfriend, and is a full-time college student. So, what little time I do have for Rock Band, I'm usually spending either working on Solo Tour, or playing with my ScoreHero band, More Cowbell!
As for the friend thing, XBL only lets me have 100 friends, and I reached that limit a long time ago, and it's getting very full of people I either know in real life or am in frequent contact with on Scorehero, so it's really not likely. =/ Sorry. Don't be afraid to send me a message, though. I can't promise I'll respond the same day or even the same week, but I'll do my best to get back to you.
9. Fag. Get a life.
Please phrase all insults in the form of a question. Also, see question #8.
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